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In other words, the Segway required a shift in infrastructure to deliver on its potential, a shift most cities didn’t want to make. It also didn’t give the rider any exercise, and there was no way to transport passengers or cargo so it did nothing to replace the bike or the car. On top of that, it was slower than both, so it wasn’t really suitable for commutes, either.

It unusually sweet, as Jon and Sansa scenes tend to be. It almost semi unnecessary to the plot. It the last we see of Jon before it revealed that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making this decidedly un sibling like interaction with Sansa a bit less suspicious except upon rewatch.(Sidenote, imagine if this scene took place after we learned about R+L=J a lot of Jonsa skeptics (I call them that though there are obviously varying degrees of this such as seem unable to understand why this particular scene feels so different from just about every single other scene on the show.

I do like Volkoff though, Timothy Dalton is great. XD Linda Hamilton had her moments, they could have done more with her and hopefully they will. Anything with Jeffster gets me, those guys are honest to god dudes I would seek out to hang with. I was exercising less and eating more than I should. I gained weight. Every morning I felt groggy, no matter how many hours of sleep I logged.

Overwhelmingly supported Proposal 2 with the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and (Voters Not Politicians) was a huge part of making that happen, Tapia said. We really excited to be working in conjunction with the VNP and making sure that all of the volunteers and everyone that voted for the commission under amendment and Proposal 2 are able to now apply for the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Congress using the 2020 census data..

Nest has teamed up with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and will be donating 10% of the purchase price to BCRF. This lovely candle is housed in a pink, translucent glass. It combines the essences of blooming peony and dewy garden roses with warm sandalwood and a hint of flowering pittosporum.

Often, he believed the bigger the weapon, the more effective it would be, which resulted in immensely powerful Tiger tanks that took a great deal of manufacturing resources and time, and were too large and heavy even for Western Europe, and even more for Russia. M4 Sherman tank was technically inferior but could be built in large numbers, and the Soviet T 34 could both be mass produced, and, while crude in many respects, was the best all around medium tank of the war. The Tiger was not even enough; he worked with Ferdinand Porsche on prototypes of an ironically named “Mouse” (Maus) heavy tank, with 140 and 188 ton versions.