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Additionally, Cocoons offer world class top, side, as well bottom UV stability. Standard sunglasses without good shielding can allow a lot as 40% more unfiltered light to reach the eye.Consumers look for quality, safety and durability in their goggles. They want their specific sunglasses to wind up being long lasting now with the strength to finally endure heavy increase.

Police are investigating after a number of dogs went missing while in the care of professional dog walker Louise LawfordDog owners have hit out at a sitter after the deaths of six pets sparked a police probe.The animals were allegedly with a dog sitter, who apparently claimed hat they had run off after hearing gunshots in woods near Tamworth in Staffordshire.Becky Parsons said hear heart was ‘shattered’ following the death of her dogs (Facebook/Beck Parsons)Several weeks later, her five dogs were confirmed to have died, while a sixth was also later reported dead.Ms Parsons wrote on Facebook: “My heart is shattered. My beautiful irreplaceable babies are never coming home.Read more from Yahoo News UK:Steve Bannon appearance on BBC sparks backlashEleven dead in Japan heatwaveFlash flooding closes roads and bridges in North Yorkshire”It’s taken five weeks to get the truth. Five weeks of torture and agony.”Aiming her fury at the dog sitter, Ms Parsons added: “You let us have false hope.

We definitely hope you hungry, because next semester courses are indeed ripe and ready for the pickin It true, folks: Your first phase of registration is mere weeks away, and the clock is surely a tickin Heh. We didn even intend for that to rhyme.The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is cooking up a new website called Picture Yourself at Berkeley, which allows prospective students (both freshmen and transfer) to sign up for personalized UC Berkeley web pages. Think of it as a sort of BerkeleyMyFaceSpaceBook.

One of the ways that the elites responded to the advent of the Gutenberg Press was through war and more war. Various low key wars spread across the length and breadth of Europe. It didn’t do much good, though. Other presidential candidates have added their own flare to their respective stores. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul official campaign store is selling t shirts with designs selected from a competition.

This week Big Shots mushes at the European sled dog championships in Slovenia, pulls trucks around India whilst wearing roller blades for some reason, and gets a whiff of something funky at a mixed martial arts tournament in California. There are also sports pictures. No turkeys were harmed during the production of this blog.