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Reviewed 14 August 2014 Be aware! The enigmatic Gus and Marlee who, among others, accost you on the walk from hotel to beach from Riu Garopa/Riu Fanama each day with promises of their amazing jeep tours of the island of Sal. The tour itself was ok. Nothing more nothing less.

One man was winched by helicopter from Rythmic, the yacht that rescued the Dancing Emu crew, and flown to Hervey Bay Hospital. His injuries were not life threatening. The windy and wet 306 nautical mile Brisbane to Gladstone race proved to be another triumph for the oldest yachts in the fleet when the 41 year old Brisbane sloop Saltash II won her eighth Courier Mail Cup.

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Participants are randomized using a remote web based system using permuted stacked blocks stratified by study centre. Assessment is carried out at baseline by researchers subsequently masked to allocation and at 6 months and 1 year after randomization. The primary outcome is the Health Anxiety Inventory score at 6 months, and secondary outcomes are generalised anxiety and depressive symptoms, the Lucock Health Anxiety Questionnaire adapted for chest pain, visual analogue scales for chest pain and discomfort (Inskip Scale), the Schedule for Evaluating Persistent Symptoms (SEPS), health related quality of life, social functioning and medical resource usage.

Lawrence Chenault’s The Puerto Rican Migrant in New York City addressed the problem as early as 1938, some eight years after social workers had expressed grave concerns over tensions within Puerto Rican family life.9 Subsequent studies such as Island in the City: Puerto Ricans in New York and The Puerto Rican Journey: New York’s Newest Migrants, drew wider attention to the issues.10 In 1948 the Migration Division of Puerto Rico’s Department of Labor in New York City designed programs to educate Puerto Rican migrants about conditions in the metropolis, one of several attempts to quell the growing problem.11 In the summer of 1955, the City hired a panel of Spanish speaking legal aid lawyers, and 50 school principals were sent to Puerto Rico to study the population and its culture. But no system could keep up with the growing number of migrants. With 27 different airlines servicing the San Juan to New York route, and airfares between $30 and $50, there was no sense of a long, arduous trek to a new world..