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In his magisterial speech at his trial in 1922, where Gandhi described what had led him on the road to non coooperation, he reminded the colonial state that ‘affection cannot be manufactured by the law’. Gandhi and Ambedkar famously tussled in the 1930s over the question of how untouchability could best be eradicated, and towards the end of his life Gandhi had come around to the view that the social awakening of upper caste Hindus would not suffice to bring about equality. Nevertheless, the fundamentally anarchic streak in Gandhi’s thought made him extremely suspicious of the state, and it is no accident that a few days before his death he urged that the Congress party be dismantled and each of its workers adopt a village for social work.

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MacAulay, McCallum and Goodale also received what must have been enormous baskets of chocolates from the embassy of Qatar, with the value of the Godiva baskets declared to be anywhere from $150 to $160. Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi also declared a box of Godiva chocolates from the same embassy, although his office valued it at $25. Wilson Raybould declared a box of chocolates worth $165, with no sender recorded..

I feel like music and fashion go hand in hand for the most part. Some of my fav bands are The Misfits, The Cramps, Dance Gavin Dance, Shadow of Intent, She wants Revenge, and Cradle of Filth.There are so many alternative Instagrammers now, are there any that stand out and inspire the way you dress? If so, could you share them with us and explain why you like them?Oh of course! It going to be hard to name all of them, because there just so many beautiful and fashionable alternative people out there! But the ones that come to mind areArt Interests You such a talented artist! I in love with your art style. Do you have any plans to make your art into fashion and if so, what ideas do you have?Omg thank you!!! I been an artist all my life, and I only recently discovered different styles that feel more like me.