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The 40 values that our tradesmen explore during the 18 month BusinessBuilder programme give them a chance to consider what the various values mean to them, and to choose how they include them in their lives personal or business. Every second Monday morning we work through a new value and every single time the opportunity for growth through embracing a common set of values is mind blowing.Just as the butterfly experiences metamorphosis, so a participant in this programme experiences transformation in their life. The result is one that leads them to invite others to join the process, influencing those around them to be better, bringing that change to their environments and cultures.Values covered thus far include Attitude, Hard Work, Honesty, Listening, Goals, Saving, Responsibility and Patience.

Now think back to the days just after 9/11, when nearly 3,000 lives were lost. CIA officers who had been on the forefront of raising the alarm about al Qaeda found themselves blamed for the country’s lack of preparedness. Time and again they were told to do whatever was necessary to prevent a repeat of the World Trade Center attacks..

La razn de que tu noche de copas diera lugar a un odio contra el Malib se debe a este mismo mecanismo de supervivencia. Cuando sentiste nuseas a las tres de la maana, tu cerebro tuvo la sensacin de que habas sido envenenado. Tu cerebro no saba con certeza cul era la causa, pero s recordaba un sabor a coco muy fuerte esa noche..

Three celeb centric stories on our radar this weekend. Spike Lee at Friday’s Washington Ideas Forum. (AP) Lee speaks out: The always quotable Spike Lee was in town this week for the Washington Ideas Forum, a series of interviews with newsmakers and big thinkers co presented at the Newseum by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute.

2506 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 612 444 3209. Jessica Armbruster. Methods and analysis This is a feasibility randomised controlled trial (RCT) with nested qualitative interview study. They will be randomised to either usual adaptations (3 month wait) or immediate adaptations (no wait). The primary outcome is the feasibility of conducting a powered study.

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