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Pension Self ServiceInformation and ReportsPlan members can make Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) either by monthly payroll deduction or by lump sum at the end of the calendar year to enhance their pension benefit.Obtain copies of all of the presentations from this year’s Pension AGM.Background on Solvency Deficit and the University Pension Plan (UPP)Like many other pension plans across Canada, the QPP was severely impacted by the global financial crisis of 2008. The solvency deficit (currently over $300 million) is, in part, a product of that crisis look here to find out more.Anyone can be named as a member’s pension plan beneficiary but this designation is subject to certain restrictions under the Ontario Pension Benefits Act look here to find out more.Look here for a list of the professional fund managers (and links to theirweb sites) charged with investing the assets of the QPP.This Board committee oversees the administration of the Plan and is composed of six Plan members and five Board members or appointees.Annual Return History, Financial Statements, Net Returns, Quarterly Investments, and Year End Investments. Monthly Pension updates are posted onour Pension Newsfeed..

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