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A stent is tubular in shape and usually made of metal or ceramic. It is designed to keep a part of the coronary artery open. Coronary arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart muscle. Lola is perhaps the most famous lyrical rewrite in rock history, but it’s fascinating to note exactly what drove Ray Davies to rush to a recording studio to re do the lyric on his band’s biggest hit of the 1970s. The song tells the story of a late night liaison in a nightclub between the narrator and a transgender woman. Ray Davies explained to Kinks biographer Jon Savage that it was based on a night out with his manager Robert Wace: “Robert had been dancing with this black woman, and he said, ‘I’m really onto a thing here.’ And it was okay until we left at six in the morning and then I said, ‘Have you seen the stubble?’ He said ‘Yeah,’ but he was too p to care, I think.”.

Second, design thinking focuses on empathy with the target set of customers while looking for possible solutions. This entails experiencing the target customer’s lifestyle for a short while in order to gain insights that are otherwise hard to obtain. This is very different from asking the customers directly.

An iPhone. A Model. A Car. I started to binge eat which made things worse. And I spiralled out of control. I hated my weight and I saw myself as ugly. For that reason, Overbeck Wright advised psychiatrists to learn all they could about the prejudices and customs of their patient’s caste (186).Although both Mental Derangements in India and Lunacy in India have been studied to some detail, a systematic examination, contextualization, and comparison has yet to be conducted. For more information, see: Waltraud Ernst, Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry: The Development of an Indian Mental Hospital in British India, c. 1925 1940 (London: Anthem Press, 2013).

It just meant we had showers at different times to everybody else ! We booked trips with (the red bus company) Always on time and very efficient. The pool side bar served tea, coffee, beer and locally produced spirits plus soft drinks as part of the all inclusive deal, and branded spirits and cocktails were available as sensible prices for those that wanted them. They also served cake in the afternoons.

“Hubble is really amazing as a general purpose observatory, but Gaia is the new gold standard for calibrating distance. It is purpose built for measuring parallax this is what it was designed to do. Gaia brings a new ability to recalibrate all past distance measures, and it seems to confirm our previous work.