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“I’m not a narco, dude. I just like to smoke,” said Daniel, a goateed 32 year old living in the bohemian Roma neighborhood. He spoke on condition that his last name not be used because, he said, his home grow operation is “super illegal” despite being for personal use only.

Beyond fresh, the bagels are unusually dense and chewy, with a nice flavor. There are more than a dozen varieties available, all of which, we’ve found after extensive research, are extremely satisfying. The bialys (a kind of puffy, holeless bagel with onions on top) are the best we’ve ever seen.

Whitney Houston was a fashion model before becoming a singer, and as a teen appeared on the cover of Glamour. Houston had seven consecutive 1 hit singles, and had 23 songs reach the Top Ten. Her 1993 cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” remains one of the best selling songs of all time./..

Never thought our second trip to Coco Plum could be better than the first, but it was! Many things had changed but many things were exactly the same like the great accommodations, the crystal blue water, the wonderful food and most importantly the awesome staff. The new gift shop was a great idea and handy for souvenirs, Coco Plum shirts and the necessary sunscreen. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary kayaking and snorkeling with great friends that came with us and new friends we met there.

Choose rich colors, darker rich colored clothing has the most slimming effect. When putting together an outfit, choose colors that are also complementary to your skin tone. Try to avoid a lot of contrast, as the contrast effect will tend to break up the line of your body from top to bottom.

24th June 2013Quote: “I love this guy; it’s my favourite character of anyone I’ve ever played in any movie. And I’m so blessed to work with John Goodman. It’s just a joy because he’s so good.” Billy Crystal loves playing animated monster Mike Wazowski.

Is the First Lady initiative, and she will continue to use it to do all she can to help children, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement. Is no secret that the President and First Lady often communicate differently as most married couples do. Is a 13 year old who wants and deserves privacy.

Users can drop in their Android smartphone to experience virtual reality with everyday materials, at a cost of less than $10.Car companies such as Volvo AB are already using technology as a marketing tool. The Swedish automaker said last week it will soon be offering a simulated, virtual reality test drive of its new XC90 crossover vehicle via Google Cardboard.Canadian startups are also making moves into the virtual world. For example, Toronto based Cordon Media is developing Pinc, a virtual reality headset and case for use with the iPhone 6.Pinc, however, is targeting everyday computing rather than gaming, says Milan Baic, president of Cordon who heading Pinc product development.or writing an email or multitasking or watching video, or going shoppIng or browsing the web, he said.