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From there, Synthetic Pleasures turns to humans, casting a curious look at everything we can now do to transform our bodies, from plastic surgery to smart drugs to genetic engineering and cryonics. Orlan, a French performance artist, takes plastic surgery to a unique extreme when she asks her doctor to place implants in her forehead so that it will resemble that of the Mona Lisa. Robert Ettinger, the president of the Cryonics Institute, talks about freezing people with terminal illnesses and reviving them when there’s a cure, showing us his resurrected dog as proof..

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Audi is marking its sixth consecutive year as the official official automotive partner of the Television Academy. “Once again, Audi is honored to support television’s brightest stars during its biggest night,” Loren Angelo, VP marketing for Audi of America said in a statement. “What better stage to introduce our marketing partnership with Airbnb than the Emmys.”.

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From the Monitor’s archive More geek speak hits Merriam Webster: “Each year, the dictionary company acknowledges about 100 new words that most people have been using for years. Today the lexicographers announced 2008’s list. Experts in a given subject log into a Google account and use the Knol software to post an item, also known as a knol.

The lounge was full of interesting characters and we had a great time talking with some of them, especially the guy who wanted to chat about tattoos and pointed out his ‘Ray Ban’ tattoo next to his eye! Ha! I think we stayed there until about 2am. I recall having an espresso Martini as well then to carry on the Fear and Loathing theme we went to take a look around Circus Circus. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like it was on the film, but I still wanted to see it as we’d never been in t.