Ray Ban Octagonal Optical Center

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Sony’s newest oddity is a conversation starter that bewildered everyone who saw it in the Mashable office. And, as much as it is a quality device, $300 is a big ask for a wearable with such a limited use case.

These are only a couple of late big names spotted wearing Ray Bans. In the event that you filter any diversion magazine or blog, you are certain to spot others. In any case, the best part is that you don need to be acclaimed to look incredible in them.

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A smaller notch, however, comes with downsides as well. The people who hate on larger notches don’t understand they’re so big because there’s important tech inside of them. On the iPhone X phones, for instance, the notch houses the sophisticated array of sensors and cameras for the TrueDepth camera system that enables secure Face ID and face tracking for features like Animoji and Memoji.

Moreover, lack of a reliable predictive preclinical model has been a major obstacle to discover new cancer drugs and predict their clinical activity. Here, in ovarian cancer, a highly chemoresistant tumor that is rapidly fatal, we provide the first evidence demonstrating the causal involvement of mechanical stimulus in the CSC phenotype using a customizable microfluidic platform and three dimensional spheroids, which most closely mimic tumor behavior. We found that ovarian cancer cells significantly acquired the expression of epithelial to mesenchymal transition and CSC markers and a remarkable chemoresistance to clinically relevant doses of frontline chemotherapeutic drugs cisplatin and paclitaxel when grown under fluid shear stress, which corroborates with the physiological attainable levels in the malignant ascites, but not under static condition.