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OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to explore first time mothers’ experiences of early labour in Italian maternity care services when admitted to hospital or advised to return home after maternity triage assessment.PARTICIPANTS: The participants included 15 first time mothers in good general health with spontaneous labour at term of a low risk pregnancy who accessed maternity triage during early labour, and were either admitted to hospital or advised to return home.DESIGN: A qualitative interpretive phenomenological study was conducted. A face to face recorded semi structured interview was conducted with each participant 48 72h after birth.FINDINGS: Four key themes emerged from the interviews: (a) recognising signs of early labour; (b) coping with pain at home; (c) seeking reassurance from healthcare professionals; and (d) being admitted to hospital versus returning home. Uncertainty about the progression of labour and the need for reassurance were cited by women as the main reasons for hospital visit in early labour.

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More Than A FriendNotes: I want to say thank you to those of you who let me know what y’all were wanting / hoping to happen in part 8, y’all inspired me on this part.Seeing Steve and Nancy together hurt. Seeing Steve laugh with another girl killed me, seeing him touch her, kiss her, smile with her killed me. It all killed me.

The discussiom on Syria focuses on the wrong considerations; the primary consideration is humanitarian. It is said that had the US bombed the trains carrying victims. And materials. Speak from experience when I say the United Nations presents many such opportunities to strike a deal with the devil. Decision to support the resolution which is put forward on a yearly basis marked a departure from previous foreign policy. In the early 2000s, Paul Martin shifted to a more pro Israel position compared to previous governments and this continued under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper..