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Results for the ethology based observations found all ISES principles present (1 10). High frequency counts for principles 2 10. Low counts for principles 5 7. Les chiens chows chows de Freud, au museau carr et la fourrure de nounours, permettent un change affectif sans mot en se couchant aux pieds ou venant fourrer leur museau entre les mains. Les statuettes gyptiennes, grecques, hindoues, sont des dieux ou des dmons, reflets intimes des mythes personnels, scintillement des mythes universels. Le cabinet de celui que la douce little appelle “le Professeur” est un univers en soi et le personnage est camp de faon trs vivante.

The Jedi are supposed to eliminate their personal life, yet Anakin already had a personal life and the Jedi disapproving of him set him aside making him reject the core of their code. Hints the moods, interpersonal relationships, and behaviors, he had an internal battle caused by his Jedi training, specifically what Yoda said happen.Oh and Darth Vader saved his son because that is what kind of person he was. Darth Vader, when he was Anakin did everything to try to save the woman he loved, even turning to the dark side, and received a new name (note: not to mix it up with changing his name, because Anakin didn change his name he was GIVEN a name by the Sith lord after joining the Sith cult.) Anakin wasn experiencing mental illnesses, he was trying to save his love and mother of his children.

INSTEAD of a taxi from Heathrow into the city for an early morning arrival, Lounge and her travel colleague booked a chauffeured car from Lewis Day Transport. A uniformed driver meets and greets passengers beyond the customs hall and escorts them to a waiting Mercedes. With bottled water, boiled lollies and the morning papers to hand, what a civilised start to proceedings.

For all its jarring elements, however, such a technique results in a seamless combination of newly composed and sampled material. The lack of stark juxtapositions mirrors Jameson’s hierarchy effacing postmodern ideology. He states, “[artists] no longer ‘quote’ such ‘texts’ as a Joyce might have done, or a Mahler; they incorporate them, to the point where the line between high art and commercial forms seems increasingly difficult to draw” (112).

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