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Finally the findings were reviewed with an external advisory group.Results: Strategies that support and sustain relational working between care home staff and visiting health care professionals explained the observed differences in how health care interventions were accepted and embedded into care home practice. Actions that encouraged visiting health care professionals and care home staff jointly to identify, plan and implement care home appropriate protocols for care, when supported by ongoing facilitation from visiting clinicians, were important. Contextual factors such as financial incentives or sanctions, agreed protocols, clinical expertise and structured approaches to assessment and care planning could support relational working to occur, but of themselves appeared insufficient to achieve change..

Over the past decade Guetta fame has gone global. His brash anthems, a kind of hyper disco, reverberate around the world pleasure zones, from Las Vegas to Phuket. Like a fallen Pilgrim Father, he helped trigger the US conversion to the promised land of dance music in the 2000s.

Hm. The behavioral insight at play: we are all conformists at heart. Loewenstein and Ubel quote one study that found showing people how much electricity they use compared to their neighbors, drives down consumption by 1% to 2.5%. Surviving The Affair is a blog I set up to share my own story of healing. It pretty personal and some of it was not my finest hour. But, now that I have some distance, I can say that we made it through OK.

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Titanite occurs as a widespread accessory phase in mineralized zones and alteration associated with iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) and iron oxide apatite (IOA) deposits of Norrbotten County, Sweden, and is a major host of the REE in these deposits. In situ analyses of Sm Nd isotope ratios in titanites previously analysed for U Pb geochronology and trace element composition confirms previous interpretations of grain scale isotopic heterogeneity. Initial Nd isotope ratios expressed relative to CHUR range from 3 to 8 in IOA deposits, from 1 to 9 in IOCG deposits, and from +2 to 4 in the most Cu rich, deformed IOCG deposits of the Nautanen Deformation zone.