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As you might surmise, life has provided me with many passions; fashion, travel, decorating, gardening, blogging, paranormal investigating, and just about any arts and craft you could imagine. I have a busy life, and that’s the way I like it. I look at life as an adventure, and I intend to have as many adventures as I can stuff into one lifetime..

Light, air ventilation and head room are the three principle benefits of a dormer. Often found in the original design of a home, sometimes added. Sadly, too few people consider adding a dormer window during their home improvement or remodeling projects.

The data, as always, is compiled by Visible Measures and includes the most recent week’s views not total views over the entire life of a campaign. One change over the first three charts? The threshold to break into the top 10 is higher this week, at 271,985 views. Perhaps it’s a one week anomaly, perhaps it’s due to increased usage of online video or social sharing tools.

Though the St. Louis Blues are the perfect example of a team that can turn its fortunes around completely the Blues won the Stanley Cup last spring after sitting in last place overall in the National Hockey League as late as Jan. 2 the Leafs don see themselves in the same light..

Head lice can be found using a fine detection comb. You can then clearly see them, or their eggs, with a magnifying glass. Over the counter shampoos that contain insecticide can be used to kill the lice. Leila Rahman, Saher Sohail and Natasha Malik borrowed the research and publication center in the center of Lahore from its director Rashed Rahman for this curatorial optimum. The space felt like a land mine of explosive underlying narratives where one step on either side, left, right, forward or backward, would cause an explosion in the air and new, buried meanings would emerge, impatiently waiting to be exposed. Rahman, Sohail and Malik were sophisticated and intelligent in their approach, the allocation of space and ongoing dialogue in between works was overpowering.

I too am new to triathlons and enjoy all of your posts. I am sorry that some others seem to just want to mock what they can understand (meaning obviously some of you are not new to this sport whether running or triathlon and can no longer identify with being new to a sport). I wish you all the best in your journey this summer and hopefully many seasons to come.

Even more years going back to our movie mad youths as consumers, lovers and analyzers of this art entertainment business hybrid; and 3. A magazine, TIME, that has generously underwritten our cinephilia for, respectively, 32 and 25 years. Our employment is our diploma..