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When you don have a 12 month lease on an apartment for you to go back to, there nothing stopping you from booking a return visit a city where you used to live. My past 14 months as a digital nomad have been roller coaster ride, but I wouldn trade it for anything. And in the process, I learned an incredible amount about myself and the world around me..

His new film, Sleepless in Seattle, directed by Nora Ephron and co starring Meg Ryan, opens on Friday. It is a romance about a widower with an 8 year old boy (Ross Malinger) eager to fix Daddy up with a new mommy. “It is not a movie about love,” Ephron says, “but a movie about love in the movies.”.

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Students inside Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University are seen running for cover inside the library as loud firing and the shattering of what appeared to be windows is heard in a video that emerged today, highlighting the gravity of the Sunday evening’s violence over the citizenship law. Jamia university has become the heart of protests that swept campuses across the country over the new law that came into force last week. Around 100 students of the university were detained yesterday and released around 3:30 am today..

Edwards, 53, is the only statewide elected Democrat in Louisiana. He has accomplished the national Democratic priority of expanding Medicaid, but has been far to the right of his party on some social issues including abortion rights and gun control. He is a former Army Ranger who describes himself as pro guns and a pro life Democrat.

I was very angry when I saw they had issued an Interpol ‘red notice’ against Julian, and also the European Arrest Warrant. Well, he went himself to the police, he wasn’t arrested or anything. He went voluntarily to the police. He lost thousands of dollars in merchandise. If children want to get them, he believes they will. He argues that at least he can regulate who purchases products in his shop..