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People within animal agriculture need to work with produce farmers and environmental organisations to start planning for this future in order to prevent mass panic, starvation, and potentially war when these food sources are compromised. We need to start shifting over to a produce based future, and stop clinging to an industry that won make the next 100 years. The risk to environmental, animal, and human health is already significant and is only going to increase the longer we persist with animal agriculture.

(Column Intermission: Stepson of Destiny Isaiah Eisendorf played football and basketball in high school. Much to his mother’s delight, he chose basketball over football after that, eventually leading him to Le Moyne College, which now leads him to a professional basketball contract with Hapoel Haifa in Israel’s second tier league. I don’t know what the Hebrew word is for “caramelized French toast,” but those folks better triple their order for the next eight months.).

We check into The Mont, a posh hotel in Dublin center patrolled by a 9 month old French bulldog. The dog’s name is Monty, and Monty sleeps in the window and doesn’t think much about anything. Departing the dog’s company, our group heads to Trinity College Dublin, a first stop for any self respecting tourist trying to leg out the jet lag in Dublin.

OMG NOW I JUST IMAGINED THEM COMING INTO HIS HOUSE BY THE WINDOW, RAIDING HIS FRIDGE AND GETTING AWAY LIKE THE THIEVES THEY ARE. Also they probably go take some showers at Gray placeOne day Gray finds a new shampoo in his bathroomHe like: I like you a lot, but seriously? they settle somewhere he probably reclaim all the stuff they took at his place pay me back for that piece of cake you took three days ago it was the last one and I wanted it. They still come when they have a problem, individually or not.

Roedy announced that the last time MTV did this, “we were able to generate 500 million households in addition to MTV.”12″Nelson Mandela’s message is simple,” said John Samuel, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF), “All of us must care about the threat from HIV and AIDS.”13 With 6500 people dying every day from the disease in Africa alone, and 9000 in total around the world, this campaign necessarily involves implementing a “simple” strategy on a massive scale. MTV Staying Alive recognized that the multi artist mega concert genre could play a powerful role in mobilizing youth, raising consciousness, and catalyzing participation in the 46664 Campaign to eradicate the disease.14 According to a UN report on the use of media in the HIV/AIDS crisis, “Education is the vaccine against HIV.”15Artists’ statements in the 46664 backstage interviews, on stage endorsements, and introductions but especially in the new songs written for the occasion reveal a personal commitment to the cause of seeking humanitarian relief for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Some of the “A list” celebrity musicians Mandela brought to perform in his home country, South Africa, were those who had befriended him while championing his cause during the transnational anti apartheid campaign more than fifteen years earlier.It is also the case that Mandela has been successful already in identifying a national level injustice (the apartheid system), addressing it strategically with an international campaign, and overcoming it.