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“You be playing in the biggest stadium there is, you go get exposed so you got the chance to go to the league. If you don want to go to the league, go pursue your dream and you got a good degree to fall back on. Overall it just a great opportunity.”.

She has also learnt new words to label herself with. If she talks to me when she has not encountered the police for at least 48 hours, she may call herself a ‘sex worker’ and ‘social worker’, terms she has been taught by the NGO where she works part time. Otherwise she refers to herself as ‘randi’ a Hindi word so disparaging it has no English equivalent.

“Every year the last breakfast show before Christmas Day we used to place a call to Santa Claus in the North Pole and it was Ray in the next studio with cotton wool in his mouth.” Terrill described Currie as “the loveliest man and that the nicest thing you can say about anyone, he would never get upset and always had time for you”. Another former colleague Frank Davidson said Currie “was an old school radio bloke who loved his job and communicating with people and being the voice of the community”. Steve Block joined 2AY as a trainee in 1980 and said Currie had taught him the “traits of hard work, humility and keeping your head while everyone else is losing there’s”.

Soon after daybreak Sunday, the big cleanup began. The scene on the hill was definitely post party. The sweeping views of Casco Bay, which provided a one of a kind backdrop for the concert the day before, were now obscured by mist and fog. It definitely offers that experience at a high level with plenty of clubs and bars to choose from and loads of thirsty people. If that’s not your thing, you probably won’t find a lot to do in Kavos, but hanging out at Seaside, traveling north to Lefkimi or Corfu town as well as various excursions will offer you plenty of other options. Can’t drive? Be ready to walk in the sun, wear sunscreen, watch out for morons on quads and bikes.

Will the continue to thrive without Greg Schiano running the show?: If there was one thing was known for in recent years, it was its ability to wreak havoc in head coach Greg Schiano’s zone blitz defensive scheme. Robb Smith, who spent the past two seasons in charge of ‘ special teams, is now running the and while he insists the scheme will be the same, only time will tell whether it will produce the same results. “We’re going to continue playing ,” Smith said.

(11:30PM) After getting off the subway in the last station, we switch to the shuttle parked at the bus terminal next to the subway exit. I scan around inside the shuttle and see two other guys who, because of their colorful clothes, are surely going to the same party. All the other passengers are either workers or families going back home after spending a Saturday out of their neighborhoods.