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No haba odo hablar hasta ahora del Mug Cake, la nueva moda en repostera que parece que llega desde USA para desbancar al tan deseado Cupcake. Llega adems con una ventaja muy grande sobre su compaero, y es que para preparar un Mug cake no hace falta invertir en utensilios ni en Kitchen Aids, no hace falta prctica y tan slo te llevar 10 minutos prepararlo. Slo necesitas algunos cuantos ingredientes, una taza de desayuno y el microondas.

This reboot of the Spider Man franchise should help people forget the problem plagued Broadway show and the underwhelming if money making Spider Man 3 and maintain the Spidey franchise as one of the most lucrative in movie history. Marc Webb ( 500 Days of Summer) steps into the director’s chair, promising a more intimate approach, with Andrew Garfield ( The Social Network) as the new Peter Parker. Martin Sheen and Sally Field play Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

A grandmother and her toddler grandchild are sitting outside a building in Manhattan when suddenly a brick windowsill falls apart and debris falls on them, striking them both in the head. The grandmother is dazed. The toddler is knocked unconscious and falls into a coma.

On second thoughts, Bard of Blood does have another running theme: its cluelessness with technology. A Pakistani intelligence agent, who’s said to be a master schemer, is in fact so stupid that he plugs an enemy thumb drive into a machine connected to the Internet. It’s ludicrous that in all his years of spy craft, he hasn’t heard of an air gapped computer, let alone have the smarts to use it.

Here what we had (brace yourselves): crab deviled eggs, fried squash blossoms, 1/2 dozen oysters, rib eye (me), Kansas City steak (he), braised Brussels spouts, Japanese purple yams, hot fudge sundae (he) and the best chocolate pudding (me). Oh, and there was a bottle of Morey St Denis involved. Oops! And what did Mr.

Da gracias a Dios porque tienes salud. No te la pases quejando. No mijito, altas y bajas siempre han habido y siempre habr Si en la noche no puedes dormir, y est vuelta y vuelta en la pinche cama, p y ponte a hacer algo, arregla un caj escribe una carta, ponte a leer, si te quedas acostado, con los ojos pelones vas pensar pendejadas! y lo peor es que despu las haces.

Schmidt was a geek with a raver flared jeans and Eminem haircut. Jenko was his bully. In the police academy, they fall in a kind of love with each other, but as Doug and Brad, living as roommates in the Schmidt family home, Doug worries that Brad will revert to his old self.