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The Raj belongs, in its own way, with that stream of works from the seventeenth century onwards which saw India as a land of exoticism. Fakirs and famine struck bodies do not give a rounded picture of India and indeed what would India be without the bejewelled, effeminate, and obese princes whom the British first reviled and were later to cultivate as India aristocracy? These princes play more than their part in Bayly volume: they inform the entire history, and not insignificantly the only full page or otherwise large portraits of Indians in The Raj are of princes. (The front cover itself reproduces a portrait of Maharaja Dalip Singh in magnificent color.) Countless times before the history of British India has been reduced to a history of few men and this rather impoverished approach dominates The Raj.

Starting in the new year, we’ll be integrating the geek beat into the Living section at large and archiving Geek Out!Thank you for reading the blog, posting your comments and sharing your views. We will continue to explore the many sides of nerdy culture on the site. We invite you to be a part of our ongoing conversation.Add Superman to the list of reporters leaving the newspaper business behind.In the comic book series latest issue, which went on sale Wednesday, an outraged Clark Kent quits his job at The Daily Planet after his boss berates him.was taught to believe you could use words to change the course of rivers that even the darkest secrets would fall under the harsh light of the sun, the superhero alter ego says in a newsroom outburst.

She told me I was strong and needed to learn control and not get myself into dark things. She said I could learn new things with her and her school and I felt that knowledge is power and I tried hard to be as good as I could, it was hard adjusting to this new life style after being free to do what I wanted. She would often come to me for advice in dealing with dark magic and those who could wield it.They were probably the only time to could use my knowledge on dark magic and wield it myself in some situations.

Real estate mogul and billionaire Stan Kroenke become the full owner of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams in August of 2010 after purchasing the interest of late owner Georgia Frontiere. To receive the consent of the other NFL owners, however, Kroenke had to agree to turn over control of his other professional sports teams in Denver the NBA’s Nuggets and the NHL’s Avalanche to his son, Josh, by the end of the year because of the NFL’s cross ownership rule.