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Hair gel and shellsuits. White socks, white trainers and Run DMC style wearing the tongues out of the laces. Multicoloured luminous and mismatched socks and Bruce Lee Kung Fu slippers. If you see someone struggling, ask them about it and stay with them. Check in on them. Help where you can.

In this article, I advance understandings of the intersection between financial and educational services from an economic geographical perspective by examining the importance of financial networks in shaping the internationalization activities of for profit business education service firms. By combining relational approaches to the globalization of transnational corporations (TNCs) with work on monetary networks I argue that extra firm networks with financial services are an important element in understanding how, where and why business education service firms internationalize. Theoretically, this argument responds to calls for firm finances to be more fully incorporated into understandings of wider economic geographies and, in particular, addresses the neglect of finance in extant understandings of the internationalization of TNCs.

They are focused and committed to become wealthy and excellent at what they do. Your article is excellent and it elucidates and enumerates this prosperity consciousness perfectly. The following is a summary of how the rich differently from the average..

I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t understand dark matter. We do know for sure that something funny is going on at large scales in the universe (“large” here meaning at least as big as galaxies). In short, the numbers just aren’t adding up. Laura is a typical perfectionist, spending every minute of her time tying to make everything as good as it can possibly be but of course it usually pays off. Being a family orientated girl with her fabulous mother, father and brother Laura is always off somewhere which means she usually a busy person especially adding her busy scheduled with work. Laura is secretly a champion swimmer as she used to compete not that she has a huge bookshelf full of trophy in her room or anything Laura is aiming to become a Lawyer and taking 5 subjects at A Level which of course Laura will excel in being the fabulous majestic woman she is Laura is a worrier though, but she worries for nothing most of the time.

Moreover, the simultaneous presence of radiation and convection related to upstream wind, in addition to the combined impact of back ventilation and surface convection, is barely addressed in literature. However, these simplifications can result in the unrealistic loading climate conditions. This paper aims to present a unique experimental setup to provide more realistic climate conditions for investigating the ventilation potential of the underneath.