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AND NOW WE HAVE PEOPLE WHO INFLUENCE THE WORLD AS PROFESSIONAL COMPLAINERS. Yesterday I was at a party where people were saying how wonderful this young woman was. Turned out she’s never done anything productive for other people in her life except to complain about how other people are doing things.

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Duane Littles Worldwide Duane Littles, MogulBrooklyn, NY August 18, 2011 EyewearGeek is the brainchild of Actor (Chappelle’s Show, Bleeding Rose), Producer (The d Littles Show) and Stylist (ILORI) Duane Littles. He has spent several years working as an eyewear and sunwear stylist at the ILORI Soho location in New York City. ILORI is the ultimate boutique destination for luxury eyeglasses and prescription and non prescription sunglasses.

Looking at individual categories of victimization experienced over the lifetime, 7 out of 10 young people witnessed or experienced indirect victimization, 1 in 3 experienced property victimization, more than 1 in 4 physical victimization, almost 1 in 2 experienced bullying, 1 in 28 dating violence and 1 in 7 experienced sexual victimization. The findings also suggest that victimization is not an isolated event; participants experienced an average 2.8 different types of victimization across their lifetime. These research findings are compared to those from national victimization surveys in the USA and UK to compile a picture of the victimization prevalence rates across studies.

But as nice as self care sounds, in theory, it hard to put into practice. I would know. Lately, I been feeling burned out. Black Friday is still two days away, but already we have a good sense of what toys and games are winning the holiday when it comes to online sales and, not surprisingly, Frozen is owning the season so far. Toys inspired by Disney’s “Frozen 2” are among the top selling products, according to the latest retail report from Adobe Analytics, which bases its findings on analysis of more than 1 trillion visits to retail sites. Adobe does not identify a specific Nerf product, but CNBC in a recent report identified the dart shooting Ultra One Blaster as doing well.