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The following para of the judgment requires the government to make a simple law and rules out the constitutional amendment to provide for Army Chief tenure and extension provision: no tenure or age of retirement for the rank of General is provided under the law. As per the institutional practice a General retires on completion of a tenure of three years. Although an institutional practice cannot be a valid substitute for the law required to be made under clause (3) of Article 243, yet in the absence of such law the said practice can be enforced to remove uncertainty as to the tenure of a General and to make the constitutional post of COAS functional.

As long as the user has control over his/her information whatever evolves is OK I guess. But the reality is that money talks and once a powerful and wide reaching network is established it often gets bought out and taken over by those with a different agenda. MySpace is a prime example of corporate takeover, sterilization, and castration of what once was almost alive.

James HallMillennials are turning to Afterpay to cover their dental costs as they shun private health insurance. The buy now pay later service was offered to Primary Health Care’s dental surgeries last year, which resulted in 800 new customers in just eight weeks. Reports suggest buy now pay later schemes could push up the cost of insurance premiums, due to less young, healthy people signing up and reducing the average premium.

14th July 2014Fact: Jay Z, Spike Lee and Billy Crystal are among the sports fans honouring New York Yankees star Derek Jeter in a new Tv tribute ad. The Re2Pect commercial features fans and celebrities alike saluting the baseball great with his own iconic cap tilt. Jeter will retire as a professional baseball player at the end of the current Mlb season..

For example, Kelly theorizes the act of reading and writing music as a kind of private devotion, an observation that calls to mind Jessica Brantley’s recent book Reading in the Wilderness: Private Devotion and Public Performance in Late Medieval England. 4 Chapters 3 and 4 are dedicated to the inclusion of pitch and rhythm as central components of notation, with attention paid to central figures Guido of Arezzo and Leoninus, respectively. Chapter 5 opens by explaining the principles of constructing a motet, demonstrated by uniting the component parts of Immolata paschali victima/ Latus est introduced in Chapter 2 (the Gregorian chant Alleluia “Pascha nostrum”) and Chapter 4 (the eponymous organa by Leoninus and Perotinus and clausula “Latus est”).