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If you’re born and raised here you know more about jazz than you would [anything else].”5 Shindo’s statement appears to resonate with Ingrid Monson’s observation: “Since whiteness tends to be a sign of inauthenticity within the world of jazz, the appeals of white musicians to universalistic rhetoric can be perceived as power plays rather than genuine expressions of universal brotherhood” (203). Shindo’s claims of racial universalism for jazz and his participation in popular primitivism and orientalism might seem to constitute a “move toward whiteness” on his part. However, this option was never fully viable for Shindo, and his motivation for this particular statement was to lay claim to a musical style generally perceived as lying beyond the boundaries of “Japaneseness.” The insistence on belonging fully to mainstream American culture and the desire to distance oneself from all exotic association were very common Nisei responses to mid century American racism..

And Klockgether, Jens and Lam, Joseph S. And Lamont, Iain L. And Lewenza, Shawn and Loman, Nick and Malouin, Franois and Manos, Jim and McArthur, Andrew G. The detection of gamma ray bursts at very high energies provides important new insights into the gigantic explosions. “Having established that GRBs produce photons of energies hundreds of billion times higher than visible light, we now know that GRBs are able to efficiently accelerate particles within the explosion ejecta,” says DESY researcher Konstancja Satalecka, one of the scientists coordinating GRB searches in the MAGIC collaboration. “What’s more, it turns out we were missing approximately half of their energy budget until now.

And Lunder, Urka and Miccinesi, Guido and Mimi, Alenka and Paci, Eugenio and Payne, Sheila and Polinder, Suzanne and Pollock, Kristian and Seymour, Jane and Simoni, Anja and Johnsen, Anna Thit and Verkissen, Maritte N. And de Vries, Esther and Wilcock, Andrew and Zwakman, Marieke and van der Heide, AgnesBackground: Awareness of preferences regarding medical care should be a central component of the care of patients with advanced cancer. Open communication can facilitate this but can occur in an ad hoc or variable manner.