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It was a veritable produce orgy. It was an Eden of obscure comestibles, packed side by side into aisles upon upon aisles of deliciousness. It seemed to be a foodie paradise on Earth all right here in Berkeley on Oregon Street.. Although the text on the cover proclaims this recording as Hildegard’s music (which we know to be monophonic chant), in David Foil’s liner notes we discover that the idea behind the CD was “to record Hildegard von Bingen’s music in its purest form and marry it to the imaginative concepts of the contemporary American composer Richard Souther, using contemporary pop and world music sounds that reinvent the startling immediacy, the piercing beauty, and the sublime spirit of Hildegard’s art [emphasis mine]” (5). Foil’s language seems to claim several levels of authenticity for the recording: the “pure” performances of Hildegard’s chant (sung by early music singer Emily Van Evera and a “real” nun from New Jersey, Sister Germaine Fritz) and the creative vision of Richard Souther. The cover art of Vision is notable for its use of two forms of neumatic notation, the late medieval square notation in the border and the earlier neumes (such as those found in Hildegard manuscripts) which float disembodied in the cloudy sky behind Hildegard herself.

The service was great, but slow. Even after asking for a box to take our leftover food with, they would not bring the check unless asked. I didn’t mind the wait, but they didn’t even come around asking if we wanted more to drink. Twenty two years of being tripped up, face down in the mud and being kicked in the face with an iron boot will do that to the most stable of men. I hope I haven’t blown a great friendship forever. Sorry Pete.”And Hook immediately accepted the apology, adding, “Mani is a great friend of mine and he always will be.

Voc merece melhor sempre. Merece homens que a trate bem e tambm oferea alm de obrigao, amor, carcia, respeito e apoio. Dia dos Namorados e tambm ar de romance este no ar. The band played the song on the July Letterman gig, which came about due to persistence from their manager, Aaron Romanello. The album began to pick up steam as well, leading to favorable write ups in publications like New York Magazine and The Onion’s AV Club. Excitement surrounding the band grew even more frenzied after their March signing to TBD Records, a division of Dave Matthews’s ATO Records, the current home of Radiohead.

Although I had to miss a lot of exams because one of my eyes were bandaged. We moved out after 4 years, but the damage was done. My eyes are still sensitive and I carry soothing drugs with me all the time.. It wasn’t as strong as my others. Reynolds memo reveals).The result was “The Refreshest” campaign, which featured lots of ice and swimming pools. In this 1988 ad, for instance, a sexy woman applies what appears to be a large, melting block of ice to her neck like a stick of deodorant.Though “Refreshest” is an invented word, the company’s research showed that the tagline resonated more strongly with consumers than an alternative that had been considered, “Pour me a SALEM.”Women have been a prime marketing target for menthols from the very beginning.