Ray Ban Predator Ii Sunglasses

Is there any downside to color tinted sun glasses for your eyes?by Paula 4 years agoIs there any downside to color tinted sun glasses for your eyes?I got a new pair of sunglasses, as my others were too scratched. I didn’t even notice (somehow) until I got home, they are a strange amber tint. I was in a hurry, and I am wondering people’s thoughts on tinted.13Eye CareHow many glasses do you have? Do you think this is too much?by GlassesCasesUK 9 years agoSure.

Shoes have to be one of my biggest buys. Like most women I have a collection that is well into double figures, and most of these have been of the moment, must have, snap them up now purchases. More than say, clothes, makeup or dare I say it even handbags, there a rush that comes with buying a pair of shoes that just doesn compare..

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