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Pocket watches lost its popularity when wristwatches were introduced. At first the wristwatches were considered feminine but during World War II many officers found that a wristwatch was much easier than using a pocket watch. This led to the trench watch that had the features of both the pocket watch and the wrist watch..

Money lenders of the Brahmin caste, and other sowkars indigenous to the area, were spared; and the Marwari and Gujar sowkars, immigrants to the area, were alone victimized. The “‘foreignness’ of the Marwari money lender . Was the clear occasion of the riots.” [note 5] It was only against them that violence was directed, Charlesworth maintains, but the committee of inquiry was inclined to think of this as a feeble gesture, and had itself pointed to the example of a Marwari who, his leg having been broken, was even rescued from his burning house by rioters. Charlesworth stresses “the essential insignificance of the disturbances”, and states candidly that “the central problem of the Deccan Riots is really not what caused them but why so momentous a non event has been considered so important.” [note 6] Could the appointment of a committee conceivably have led to the purportedly exaggerated prominence ascribed to the riots?.

The Last Rites: In an open casket were relics from friends of the deceased: hats, press releases, albums and harmonicas. Alongside were floral tributes. Beret wearing Black Panthers stood guard with prop shotguns and AK 47s. I look around expecting others to be watching, also amazed at this random actof kindness. But it seems that in those few seconds London is back to its usualaloof, uninterested best, and the other faces on the tube carriage are oblivious. Iwonder whether to dash out in pursuit of the girl in the green dress to thank her,but quickly decide against it.

Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, who joined his Republican counterpart Jake Corman in a last minute pleato Gov. Tom Wolf for more time on Wednesday, said the administration had pledged to accommodate family members who face transportation difficulties because of the closure. They had also told him that any inmates with special medical needs will not see any interruption in their care as they relocated to other facilities..

Gunshot and car crash victims are sent from around the city to its tall, orange gates. Inside, ventilators keep patients breathing during surgery, amputees receive prosthetics, and patients learn to walk again.The hospital is a partnership between Project Medishare a nonprofit founded by University of Miami doctors and Bernard Mevs’s Haitian surgeons. Since the earthquake, Medishare has flown thousands of volunteers like Pugmire, the EMT, to the hospital to help treat 100,000 patients and train Haitian nurses and doctors.But the challenge is enormous.